Add a little touch of glamour with these Scarf Rings.

As well as being practical in holding your scarf in place, they’re so easy to use. Simply thread your scarf through the ring and it’s ready to go.

Scarf Rings are available below for purchase separately, or create a Scarf Ring Set by adding one of our fit for purpose Mix ‘n’ Match Scarves available in 27 colours.


Click above images to see our instructional video.


We also have Gift Cards and an optional Gift Box service available for your convenience.

  • Elasticised Scarf Ring (Assorted Colours) $9
  • Criss Cross Scarf Tube Ring (Silver or Gold) $15
  • Flower Scarf Tri Ring (Silver or Gold) $15
  • Rose Motif Scarf Tube Ring (Silver or Gold) $15
  • Star Scarf Tube Ring (Silver or Gold) $15
  • Channel Set Loop Tri Scarf Ring (Silver or Gold) $18
  • Figure 8 Bling Scarf Tube Ring (Silver or Gold) $22
  • Turquoise Stone Scarf Tube Ring (Silver or Gold) $22
  • Full Bling Scarf Ring $25
  • Scarf Buckle (Silver, Gold or Rose Gold) $25