Interchangeable Snap Button Earrings – lots of fun & versatile.

Decorate these fabulous Earring bases with our mix & match range of Snap Buttons. Simply click the snap button onto the centre fitting of the earrings and your jewellery is complete.

Various earring styles available to accommodate both the 18mm & 12mm snap button options.

See each product below for individual specifications.


Click above image to see our instructional video.


We also have Gift Cards and an optional Gift Box service available for your convenience.

  • Clip On Earrings (18mm) $10
  • Dangle Button Hoop Earrings (12mm) $10
  • Base Clef Earrings (12mm) $12
  • Flower Earrings (12mm) $12
  • Butterfly Teardrop Earrings (12mm) $14
  • Diamante Filigree Earrings (12mm) $14
  • Diamante Stud Earrings (18mm) $14
  • Dreamcatcher Earrings (12mm) $14
  • Wishbone Earrings (12mm) $14
  • Crystal Sun Earrings (12mm) $15
  • Filigree Long Teardrop Earrings (12mm) $15
  • Star Long Drop Earrings (12mm) $15