Silky Scarves & Jewellery… The story so far.

Our journey began, whilst away on holidays in April 2014, with an impulse Pendant Scarf Set purchase, which proved to be career changing.

The comments and requests of “Where can I get one?” from family, friends and strangers alike was the impetus to share the love.

So, Silky Scarves & Jewellery was born. Our humble beginning saw us establish ourselves with a modest Pendant Scarf range, setting up ‘shop’ each Sunday at our local markets.

Since then, we have expanded and grown to offer our beautiful customers a large variety of quality fashion accessories at affordable prices.  We appreciate value for money and know our customers do too.  Most of our product range has an interchangeable feature so our customers have choices and can customise their purchases to achieve exactly what they want and like.

To this day, we love meeting people so please come visit us at some of Victoria’s quality destination markets.  We have met so many lovely people, many from all over the world and it’s heart-warming to know our products have gone overseas as souvenirs and gifts.  The biggest rewards are our customers who return to add to their collection and who tell us how happy they are with their products or how much their special someone loved their Silky Scarves and Jewellery gift.

Our online store is a wonderful extension and long awaited by our very patient regular customers and everyone else who has asked over the years “Do you sell online?”.  We are so pleased to be offering our products online and will continue to look to add to our range, so please check our website from time to time. We invite to subscribe below to our email newsletter below for product updates and special offers.


We’d love you to tell all your family and friends about Silky Scarves & Jewellery and share the love & joy!


Happy Browsing 💖